Friday, August 18, 2017

Peruvian Apple Cactus

I love the taste of Dragon fruit but I doubt I will ever get them to fruit here in Seattle. So I've been growing the  Peruvian Apple Cactus as an American substitute.

You can see where the winter growth starts and ends and all the new growth from this summer. The are fast growers in the summer. 

August 2017

September 2016

March 2016

My Back yard Spartan apples

I have a handful of apples in my backyard.

Beni shogun
Column sentinel

The Spartan is the earliest to ripen. It's also quit productive. Which I think is great but it's taste is not so great unfortunately. It does not have the sweetness or tart flavor to make it Great. 

It also doesn't store very long before getting a bit mealy. I am not a fan of mealy apples. I give this apple a 5/10 for taste. I'll probably just use them for juicing.

Florea is the earliest fig in the collection

The Florea fig is a winner here in Seattle. So fa, the Brandon Unk fig is the earliest breba but the Florea has got to be earliest main crop fig. It's only mid August and all of the figs are near ripening.

This is a great fig for collectors in areas with short seasons. It's got my endorsement!

It is currently in a 2 gallon pot but I think I'll get this guy in ground. The taste of this fig is quite spectacular as well. I have a link to the tasting scores below.

Tasting Video: