Thursday, June 22, 2017

Panache Fig Chimera Leaf

The Panache fig and I have a love hate relationship. I love how beautiful it looks but I hate the fact that it won't ripen properly here in Seattle.

Then I go and find a Chimera branch on the tree and I love it again. I'll air layer this guy and see if I can keep the sport as another tree. It's kinda cute if you ask me.

Che Fruit 2017

So I bought a male and female Che fruit from Hidden Springs Nursery. Previous to that my "Self Fertile" variety from Edible Landscape has been dropping fruit 2yrs straight.

I figured I'll take the seeds if it means I can get to eat a fertile fruit. There are reports that the self fertile variety can drop fruit for 8yrs. I don' think I have the patience for that.

Well the tree is loaded this yr! Let's hope they hang on.

BB10 Fig

So much hype behind these BB10 figs from Dan. I buckled and bought some very expensive cuttings. It's acclimating in it's 1 gallon. Definitely time to fertilize this guy. You can tell by the leaves that it's a little hungry for some nitrogen.