Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 Collection Fig report

Ben B.'s Fig Collection Did Not Fruit Fruited Not Ripened Ripened/Date
Abebereira Preta Too young    
Abicou Too young    
Alma   X  
Alvas Verdal Too young    
Antonio Black   X  
Archipel     10/8/2017
Atreano   X  
Atreano JF   X  
Bathenjani Israel    X  
BayenFiege Violetta Too Young    
BB10 Too Young    
Beall X    
Bass's Favorite Too young    
Biffaro Zeus Too young    
Black Ischia   X  
Black Jack Spanish     7/31/17 Breba
black madeira Churl82      
Black Madeira Daniel Mitre Fake Fake Fake
Black Madeira David Eden   X  
Black Madeira figrific     10/10/2017
Black Madeira JFE Too Young    
black madeira Rfactor   X  
Black mission  X    
Black Portugal Unk   X  
Black Triana Too young    
Black Zadar     11/5/2017
Blava  Too young    
Bornholm Nexoe Too young    
Bourjassotte Grise   X  
Bourjassotte Noire    X  
Bradisotte Blanca   X  
Bradisotte Negra   X  
Bronze Paradiso   X  
Bursa Black Siyahi Too young    
Bursa Encanto Too young    
Calabrese BV Too young    
Capoll Curt Negra Too young    
Carne Doncella MP Too young    
Castanhol   X  
Celeste     9/30/2017
Celeste Family Fav X    
Chicago Hardy   c 10/10/2017
Chiopetta/Cosenza X    
Col De Dame Blanc X    
Col De Dame Multicolor Too young    
Col De Dame Brun X    
Col De Dame Ciutat Too young    
Col De Dame Grise X    
Col De Dame Noir  X    
Col De Dame Roja X    
Conadria X    
Cordi Stella X    
Cravins Crave Too young    
Cul D'asse Too Young    
Dalmatie  X    
Dans Favorite     10/12/2017
Dark Portuguese       9/28/2017
Dauphine   X  
Dei Nebrodi Too Young    
Deos Negra Too Young    
De La Gloria     9/20/2017
De La Senyora Too young    
Deanna   X SPLIT  
Desert King     7/25/2017
Dr. Gowaty Too Young    
Dolce Calderai Too Young    
Emalyns Purple   X  
Encanto Too Young    
Excel   X  
Fico Gentile   X  
Fiorone Di Ruvo Graft on Gillette     7/31/17 & 10/04/17
Flanders   X CRITTER  
Florea     8/14/2017
Fracazano Bianco Fig    X  
Fragola Nero Too young    
Galicia Negra Figrific X    
Galicia Negra Willis X    
GE Neri Too young    
Gene's Vashon     7/31/2017
Genoa X    
Genovese Nero Rafed     8/23/2017
Genovese Nero Robs   X CRITTER  
Gillette     7/14/2017
Ginos Black   X  
Golden Riverside     10/5/2017
Granthams Royal - Kiwibob X    
Granthams Royal - Slavi     7/19/2017
Greek Papa  X    
Green Goliath     7/4/2017
Green Greek   X  
Green Jolly Tiger   X CAPRI?  
Grise De St Jean X    
Gros Monstreuse Di Liapri X    
Hardy Hartford X    
Hmari      10/4/2017
Hollier  X    
Igo X    
Italian 258   X  
Italian 376 Cuttings X    
Italian Black    x  
Jack Lily x    
JH Adriatic    X  
Jin Ao Fen Too young    
Jurupa Too Young    
Kadota  X    
Karachi Green  X    
Kathleens Black      10/15/2017
King Fig     10/1/2017
koura Black Too Young    
Lake Spur X    
Lampeira Preta - Harvey Too young    
Lampeira Preta - Slavi Too young    
Laradek EBT Too young    
Latarulla     10/1/2017
Longue D'Aout X    
LSU champage     10/15/2017
LSU O Rourke  X    
LSU Purple X    
LSU Scott's Black Too young    
LSU Scotts Yellow Too young    
LSU Tiger     9/5/2017
LSU Red Too young    
Madeleine des Deux Saisons Too young    
Malta Black   X  
Malta Purple X    
Maltese Beauty X    
Marrakech Too young    
Markopoulo  Too young    
Marlow X    
Marseilles Black VS     9/29/2017
Martinenca Rimada X    
Mary Lane X    
Mavra Sika      7/19/17 & 9/12/17
Medici #2 Too young    
Melanzana    x  
Mutante Too young    
Natalina X    
Native Black Becnel Too young    
Nazarti Too young    
Negronne VBD     8/15/2017
Nero 600 Too young    
Niagara Black    x  
Noire De Barbentane X    
Noire De Bellone X    
Noire De Caromb      10/15/2017
Nordland X    
Norella X    
Ohra Tabahanosika Too young    
Olympian     8/14/2017
Oregon Prolific X    
Orphan X    
Osborne Prolific     10/5/2017
Palermo   X  
Palermo Sicily - Marcus     9/10/2017
Panache   X  
Pananas Purple   x  
Pappa John   x  
Paradiso Gene Gr   x  
Paratjal Rimada Too young    
Pastillere   X  
Pellegrino - Mario     10/4/2017
Pellegrino - Vinny Too young    
Peters honey SKY     8/8/2017
Petite Negra   x  
Pink Jerusalem  x    
Planara Too young    
Ponte Tresa X    
Porporato Too young    
Preto Fico      9/29/2017
Preto Pauls     9/29/2017
Princesa     8/1/17 & 10/01/17
Qudssaya     9/12/2017
Red Italian     X  
Red Lebanese    X  
Red Lebanese Bass   X  
Red Libya   X  
Ronde Bordeaux      10/4/2017
Salce X    
Salem Dark    X  
Sals Corleone     9/10/2017
San Piero X    
Sicilian Red X    
Smith    X  
Socorro Black   X  
St Rita X    
Sugar 12     9/10/2017
Sucrette x    
Sultane x    
Takoma Violet     9/5/2017
Tauro Too young    
Tena X    
Texas Everbearing   X  
Unknown Black Graham X    
Unknown Brandon      7/8/17 & 8/31/17
Unknown Capri Fig Stephens   X  
Unknown Ch-Italia   X  
Unknown Dwarf Golden X    
Unknown Family Fav X    
Unknown Frank Salerno Too young    
Unknown Goodwill X    
Unknown Greek Cephalonia X    
Unknown Leons Green     10/14/2017
Unknown Lous      
Unknown Martins   X  
Unknown Mercer Island Late   X  
Unknown Mt Etna   X  
Unknown Noble X    
Unknown Oxford Too young    
Unknown Purple  Too young    
Unknown Red Eye      
Unknown Sams Black      
Unknown San Jose Hellyer Black      
Unknown Sandpoint  GE Nero   X  
Unknown Santa Fe X    
Unknown single and 3 lobe X    
Unknown Teramo X    
Unknown Tim Climber X    
Unknown White Yellow X    
Unknown Yerba Buena Too young    
Valle Negra      10/4/2017
Vasilika Sika X    
Vasilika Melissi Too young    
Ventura Strawberry / Verte X    
Verdal Negra Too young    
Verdino Nord Too young    
Verns Brown Turkey     9/13/2017
Verte (green ischia)  X    
Vincenzo     7/25/2017
Violet De Bordeaux     8/14/2017
Violet Sepor   X  
Violetta Too young    
Violette Dauphine LA X    
Violette Dauphine Leon X    
Violette Sollies      10/1/2017
Vista   X  
White Geno X    
White Madeira   X  
Wuhan     10/15/2017
Yellow Long Neck  X    
Zingarella     11/4/2017

Monday, November 6, 2017

Zingarella Fig Tasting 2017

I didn't realize that Zingarella was such a late fig. I didn't get a fig from it until November.

Zingarella (11/01/17) 2yr Old Plant - Cold weather greenhouse ripened
Taste: 7
Sweetness: 5
Size: 2 (18G)
Productivity: 2
Total = 16

I had 2 ripe figs that I pulled off of this young tree. They almost appear to be brebas. So far all of the cold weather ripened figs have been disappointing but the zingarella still managed to keep some decent flavor. The problem with late ripening figs in November is that they do not have the heat to get it sweet enough.

It was mildy sweet with more melony tones. Much like the Black Zadar. It's a keeper but I need to see if i can get it fruit sooner with some tricks next year. 

Black Zadar Fig - A really Late breba November 2017

I never thought I'd pick a ripe Breba in November. Well the Black Zadar went and proved me wrong. It's been snowing all week and this guy still managed to ripen in 30 degree temps and short days.

Black Zadar (11/05/17) 2yr Old Plant - Cold weather greenhouse ripened
Taste: 7.5
Sweetness: 5
Size: 9 (86G)
Productivity: 4
Total = 25.5

The crazy things is, it was the Breba on this tree. I really love the fact that this fig is so different from everything that I've seen. It's bell shape is very reminiscent of an LSU Gold.

At 86grams this thing is pretty large. The biggest fig from the garden this year i think.

Because it grew all year in the greenhouse it never got much darker. Figs need the light of the sun to get their skin color.

I was half expecting this thing to taste like garbage because of the lack of heat and sun but it turned out surprisingly tasty. It certainly has all the attributes to make it great fig. Minus the fact that it's breba ripen in November!!! I wouldn't recommend this fig to be grown outdoor in any colder climate.

The flavor was like Honeydew with a mild sweetness. Both Nolan and I enjoyed it. Now if I could coax this fig to ripen sooner it will be an amazing fig,