Thursday, January 18, 2018

Can Dragon Fruit Survive the Seattle Winters?

I was getting a bit tired of having my Dragon fruit inside so I threw it out on my deck for Summer. We'll it did nothing but grow. And now that I have 2 young kids in the house. I didn't want a prickly vine cactus accident to happen, so I left it out on the deck but next to the sliding glass door. So far so good. No frost damage even after 2 snowfalls. The heat coming off of the sliding doors has pretty much kept the Cactus safe from frost.

I'm glad because this thing is only going to get bigger with time and I do not want to drag it back into the house.

My Jaboticaba has also done surprisingly well on the deck. It's still holding all of it's leaves. I may want to try the Jamaican cherry as well out on the deck. It can withstand down to 28F temps. But next to the sliding glass door on the deck, I'm sure it won't dip below 32F. But since it's my only tree, I do not want to risk it until I can create a clone.

Can you grow figs Hydroponically?

A couple years I tried to do a hydroponic fig, but I used a cutting that was much too weak with unestablished roots.

I kinda gave up on the idea, but more recently Carlo from our fig addiction groups was able to successful grow his Lattarula in a deep water culture setup. And it's been growing amazingly.

Inspired by this, I've taken a 2yr old plant, that's dormant, and have setup it up into 5 gallon DWC hydroponic system.

Here's the fig plant after the soil has been washed off.


I mixed in my hydroponic solution + Silica blast as recommended and brought the entire setup into the house for warmth to wake up the plant.

I'll update this post as I see progress.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Let's experiment with growing Sugar Cane in Seattle

It's no secret that I love my tropical fruits and plants. Now that it's winter time, I've brought in most of my tropical to the south windows. And my house has turned into a very "Asian House" with plants all over the place. Reminds me of my aunts and uncles houses.

I was about to buy some sugar cane cuttings on Ebay but I managed to find some at the local Viet Wah here in Renton. $1.25 each!

The process is simple. Add water and walk away. In a matter of weeks the roots will start to form.

I'll wait for a bit more root growth and will then add them into a pot of soil.