Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trying again with the White Guava

I really miss my 2yr old Guava Tree. I admit, I thought it would do better in the greenhouse. It wasn't the cold that killed it, it was the lack of watering. Apparently they do not go dormant like figs do during the winter months and need watering.

This little guy will come in the house for the winter.

Tasting Review of the Grantham's Royal * Mavra Sika Breba 2017

Tasting Review of the Grantham's Royal & Mavra Sika Breba 2017

Grantham's Royal Breba Fig.

So I've been waiting patiently for 2 yrs for the Grantham's Royal to produce brebas for me. From most reports it was suppose to be superior to the Dessert King Fig. So of course I've been excited to taste it.

It is a San Pedro Fig so outside of California it will not ripen a 2nd crop here. I have 2 trees from different sources and only 1 produced this year even though they are the same size.

There were a total of 6 Brebas that formed on this tree. But it may have been more than it could handle because it somewhat aborted 83% of them and focused on ripening only 1, which is pictured above. 4 became shriveled. Still edible but it was almost as if someone deflated them like little balloons.

And this one split really badly. After a hot day I watered the plant deeply which maybe the cause of it.

I hate wasting any fig since so much energy goes into growing it. So I picked everything off of the tree.

I'm not sure if this is common for this fig but there were extremely beautiful strips on this fig. The interior is also in the shape of a heart which makes this one of the most lovely looking figs I've ever seen. It almost looks like a rimada fig. Almost...

The interior of the fig is also quite unique. It's in the shape of a heart and is quite the work of art. I love the yellow color that starts at the top. The color transitions to a dark rich purple at the eye which are complimentary colors on the color wheel. I have to thank my many art classes for knowing that. So I have a great appreciation for the aesthetics of this fig.

It weighed 77.2 Grams, which is a above average for most figs. It's hard to judge a young fig tree on taste if the plant is only a couple yrs old. I feel that the true taste of any fig can only truly be assessed after the tree has been planted in ground and ripens in full sun vs a greenhouse after 3 years.

With that said, I think that the Grantham's Royal that I tasted off this young tree is Good. Not mind blowingly rich or sweet but good. There's more complexity in flavors than the Desert King. It was slightly watery and had melon tones. If it was a bit sweeter this would've been a great fig to eat!

This fig is definitely on the keep list for me.

Granthams Royal: Breba (7/19/17)
Taste: 7.5
Size: 8  (77.2 grams)
Productivity: 8
Total = 23.5

Mavra Sika Breba

Online research shows that this a fig that Bass discovered in PA. It came from a woman who brought it over from the Chios Island of Greece. It grows in ground in PA and is supposed to be cold hardy. So this maybe a candidate to grow in ground here as well. 

This was originally purchased from Plant Creator back in 2015.

This tree isn't what you call productive. It had 2 brebas and 1 dropped. the other held on. For a tree this size I would have hoped to have atleast 4-8 figs on it. The fruit is small weighing in at 12.5 grams.

The taste of this single breba was not impressive. It was quite lackluster very marshmellowy texture with with a hint of berry jamminess.

I'm not in love with this fig. It's not very productive, too small and not very rich. It may have a different result if grown in ground. So I may reserve a small spot for it to see if it will change it's behavior compared to being grown in a pot. If it doesn't it will go on the remove list.

Taste: 5
Size:  2 (12.5 grams)
Productivity:  2
Total = 9

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tasting the Gillette Caprifig Breba 2017

Gillette also known as Croisic. It is an edible caprifig. From my observations of this fig, it is a very vigorous grower and easy rooter. Which makes it a wonder root stock for adapting less than hardy varieties to the Pacific Northwest. It also grows very well in Seattle in ground. The eye it tight and resists from splitting no matter how much you water it.

It's unique in that it's an edible make fig.  The fig's Brebas ripen in July.

Now let's talk about it's taste and flavor. This is not going to be on anyone's top 10 list for taste. You literally have to wait until it's dried on the tree to get the concentrated sugars out of it. And by then it gets quite mushy and soft. The flavor is that of simple syrup with a hint of vanilla.

21.6 grams

Gillette: Breba (7/14/17)
Taste: 3.5
Size:  3 (21.6 grams)
Productivity: 7
Total = 13.5