Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Unboxing my Oro fig

So I love the look of striped figs. Sadly the much more affordable and I guess tasty Panache just does not ripen here in the Pac NW. 

As an alternative there are some striped figs out there that supposedly also have breba crops. Namely, Oro, Rigato Del Salento BV, and popone. Atleast with a variety that gives brebas I'll have a chance at eating a ripe striped fig.

I got the Oro off of and I am quite happy with it. It came from Brian Melton, who has an uncanny way of getting all the good stuff. 

Check out the video below. I've added some interesting facts about the variety as well. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mycorrhizae at work on my fig pops.

Whats a fig Pop?

Check out the growth of Mycorrhizae inside my fig pops. This is a start of a great symbiotic relationship!

What's mycorrhizae?

These are on my Bella Di Marie

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A tribute to Daniel Yakir. Fig man if Israel

I have to thank my new friend Lou for sharing this video of Daniel Yakir. It's absolute treasure. This is a tour of his orchard back in 2004. You can see a few varieties on there. At his peak he had about 350 varieties from around the world.

Daniel was an interesting man, a movie in Israel maybe in the works about his life. He was friends with Pierre Baud, lived next to the former president of Israel and may have been one of the first to do a fig eating Selfie on camera. He pioneered this move for all of us newbies on youtube. =)
Daniel passed in 2015 so this is a small tribute to keep his legacy alive.

figs of Israel:

Fig Varieties of the world. By Daniel Yakir. Fig tour of an Israeli orchard. Video by Lou.