The Fig Thesaurus

Abicou San Piero, Aubique Of Provence
Aboukounis Black Chios C
Adriatic Hybrid  Conadria 
Adriatic JH Green fig reported to be of very high quality.  Our tree has grown well but did not produce mature fruits for us yet.
Adriatic  Grosse Verte, Chico, Strawberry, Verdone, Fragola, Italian Strawberry, Nebain, Ventura, White Adriatic, Fico De Fragola
Albacor Comuna (MP) Spanish variety that is new and has grown well for us but has not fruited yet.  This variety produces long black figs with medium red pulp, described as being very sweet and juicy, producing breba and main crops.
Albacor de Molla Blanca (MP) Spanish variety that is new and has grown well for us but has not fruited yet.  This variety produces elongated black fruits with light red pulp that are very sweet and tasty, producing breba and main crops.
Albo Albicello , Albinillo , Bianchetta , Biancoletta, Biancolini , Blanca , Blanquita , Dorato, D'oro, Gentile (At Bologna), Mattano , Moscadello , Zentil
Alma  Fall Gold, White , Italian White
Angelina Argelina
Angelique Madeleine De Deux Saisons
Archipel  Neveralla, De L'archipel, Osborn, Figue Grise, Osborn's Prolific, Ronde Noire, Hardy Prolific
Athene Marseillaise
Atreano  Atreano Gold, Mediterranean Gold 
Aubicou Black Aubique Of Provence,Aubicout
Aubique Blanches  White Aubique (?)
Aubique Noire Brown Turkey
Aubique Petite French variety producing small but sweet and tasty fruits
Ba-1 Red Gold, Texas Ba-1, Txba-1
Baja Vern San Javier
Bakio Variety which originated from Spain, producing small sweet fruits with a mild flavor
Baleares Plot 3 Introduced from a French collection.  Tree was very productive producing medium to large fruits of okay quality.  Quality should improve as tree gets older.
Ballard's V05
Banana Smyrna 
Barada "Honey" Barada
Barbillonne White Bellona
Barese White White Barese, Columbro
Barnisotte Nero, brogiotto nero, barnasotti
Battaglia Green Sandy's Strawberry Verte
Beall Beale
Bealle Large productive fig with sweet mild flavor
Beer's Black Bordeaux
Bellone Sultana, Fig Of Nice , Black Nice, Nice, Antibes
Bianci Mayes Yellow
Bifara Italian Purple
Big Yellow Long Yellow
Bjs No. 2 Celeste
Black Bethlehem Introduced by Trees of Joy.  Original tree discovered in the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is an area traditionally inhabited by Greek immigrants so this is believed to be of Greek origin.  Tree is productive and fruits are small but sweet and very good flavor.
Black Genoa San Piero, San Pedro
Black Greek Unknown black fig introduced by a fig collector named Marius.  Fig originated from the island of Chios.  Fruits are small but sweet and have an excellent flavor.
Black Ischia Black Ishi, Black Provence, Blue Ischia, Nero, Ischia Black
Black Jack Black Spanish, California Brown Turkey (?) , Petite Negri (?)
Black Madeira Black Madeira is a great fig a fig brought to California by immigrants from the island of Madeira, Portugal over 50 years ago.  We believe it to be the same as a fig known by the name of Figo Preto and it is probably also the same as a fig known in some parts of Portugal by the name of Violeta.  This tree grows more slowly than many varieties and it can also be more difficult to root.  We've experimented grafting Black Madeira onto other vigorous varieties such as Brown Turkey and highly recommend this method.  The fruits of Black Madeira are considered by many to be among the best.  They have are sweet and rich flavor and jammy texture.  Fruit size is typically medium.  For people in cooler climates it may be difficult to obtain ripe fruit without the benefit of keeping the tree in a greenhouse or other controlled environment to give the trees an early start in the spring.  Produces main crop fruits, pollination not required.
Black Malta
Black Mission Mission, Franciscan, Francisciana, Beer's Black, Californian Large Black
Black Of Bordeaux Verdone, Precoce De Ronde Bordeaux
Black Of Caromb Douqueira Will Negra, Monginenco, Peroquina, Perroquine, Perruquiere, Black Of Caroub 
Black Provence Black French fig of medium size and nice flavor.  Leaves have reddish petioles and this variety has sometimes mistakenly been said to be a synonym for Ischia Black.  Early fruits had a light amber pulp which is typical for this variety.  Later fruits were red and probably the result of being pollinated (though pollination is not required for this common type fig).
Black Spanish Black Jack
Blanche Bianci, Mayes Yellow, Lemon,Marseilles , White Russian, White Marseilles , Italian Honey, Lattarula, Peter's Honey, White Marseille, White Of Argenteuil, White Of Versailles, Royal, Blanche D'argenteuil , Blanche Ronde , Grosse Blanche Ronde, Blanche H'ative, Blanquo, Argentine, Blanche Fleur, Royale, Versailles, Blanquette, Madeleine, Marseilles, White Marseilles, Mareillaise White, White Naples, Pocock, Ford's Seedling , Raby Castle , White Standard, White Smyrna, Quarteria, Vigasotte Bianco
Blanche de Turqie Productive came from a French collection with apparent origins from Turkey. Fruits are medium to large in size with mild flavor.  Later fruits had nicer flavor.
Blanquette Marseillaise
Blava (Campenera) (MP) New variety for us that originates from Spain.  The photos shared by Mr. Pons of this variety looks better than the one fruit we picked in 2015 but the flavor of our fruit was still sweet with a pretty good taste.
Blaveta (Campos) (MP) Fruits were small but sweet with good flavor.  Fruit in photo was slightly over-ripe.
Blue Celeste Celeste
Blue Giant Fannick's Blue Giant
Blueberry Hill Strawberry 04b
Bombarral New variety introduced my a Portuguese immigrant, fig originated from north of Lisbon.  Fruit are light colored.  I believe we picked some fruit in 2015 but apparently did not take photographs.
Bonholm's Diamond Bornholm's Diamond, Swell Of Gold
Borda Barrquer (MP) Spanish variety that produces small fruits that are very sweet and flavorful.  The one fruit we picked from our young tree was discovered a bit late but was very good.
Bordeaux Beer's Black, Negronne,Violette, Violette De Bordeaux, Grosse Rouge De Bourdeaux 
Bordissot Blanca Negra (MP) Spanish variety which is new for us and has grown well but has not yet fruited for us.  The fruits are described as having blackskin and medium red pulp and being very sweet and tasty.
Bordissot Blanca Rimada (MP) This variety is reported by Mr. Pons to be a synonym to Panache (see description below).  Although we have not compared the two varieties in great detail, they seem similar to us but some growers insist that they are different.
Bordissot Rossa (MP) This Spanish variety has been a very vigorous grower for us but was slow to produce fruit.  The one fruit we picked was soft but probably still another day or two from being fully ripe.  It had a good flavor profile with moderate sweetness. The average size for this Spanish variety is reportedly 37.5 grams.
Bourjasotte Grise French variety that has been very productive with medium to large size fruits of excellent quality, sweet and rich flavored.
Bourjassotte Blanche White Barnissou, Bourjassotte White, White Gross
Briasca Bourjassotte White
Brogiotto Nero Barnissotte (a.k.a. Bourjassotte Noire, Nero 
Brooklyn White This fig was discovered in Brooklyn New York and introduced by Trees of Joy.  It is productive, with large sweet fruit and is cold hardy.
Brown Ischia Chestnut
Brown Turkey Aubique Noire, Black Spanish, English Brown Turkey,California Brown Turkey (?),Eastern Brown Turkey,Everbearing, Negro Largo, San Pedro Black (?) , San Piero (?), San Pedro, Texas Everbearing, Aubicon, Blue Burgandy, Brown Naples, California Large Black, Brown Italian, Large Black, Lee's Perpetual, La Perpetuelle, Harrison, Ramsey, Brunswick, Fluer De Red, Nisse, Violetta, Brown Naples
Brown Turkey Md Maryland Berry
Brunoro Black
Brunswick  Dalmatian, Madonna ,Magnolia, Black Naples, Brunswig, Castle Kennedy,Clementine, Dalmatia,Kennedy, Broad White Turkey QTR Pounder, red italian, Paradiso, Genoa, Rattle snake island, Dan's Favorite
Bursa Siyahi Black Bursa
Bursa Unk (RR) Was purchased from a nursery as Bursa Siyahi.  It appears to be a mislabeled fig from the Bursa region of Turkey, but still quite good.  Smyrna Type
Byadi Falahi
California Brown Turkey Black Jack(?) ,Black Spanish,San Pedro, San Piero, Thompson's Improved Brown Turkey
Calimyrna Erbeyli, Lop Injir, Sari Lop
Calvert This variety has grown well for us but was slow to produce ripe fruits.  2015 was it's third growing season for us and it produced quite a few figs of small size but very good quality with very dark red/burgandy colored pulp.
Cape White Blanche
Capelas Portugese variety producing fruit that is medium-sized, sweet, mild-flavored.
Capoll Curt Negra Spanish variety that is new and has grown well for us but has not fruited yet.  Fruit is described as having purple-brown skin and red pulp and being very sweet and tasty.
Carbassette Striped Bourjassotte
Carvalho Carvalho is a fig that originated in Portgual and grown by an immigrant here in the USA before being discovered and introduced by Trees of Joy. Fruits in 2015 were small but sweet and rich in flavor. Our tree is still small so fruits may get larger as tree matures.
Celeste Conant, Blue Celeste,Celestial, Honey, Improved Blue Celeste, Malta, Sugar,Tennessee Mountain, Violette, Celeste Violette, Little Brown, Little Brown Sugar
Celestial Celeste
Celestine  Celeste, Gray Midsummer's Day
Charlie King
Chicago Hardy Hardy Chicago
Chico Adriatic
Chico Strawberry Saratoga
Chios-C Aboukounis Black
Coeur Green Ischia 
Col de Dame Blanc White or light green French variety with deep red pulp that is sweet and rich in flavor.  This variety grows slowly, apparently because of FMV, but is very productive for us.
Col de Dame Gris The grey version of this French series of Col de Dame varieties, though our fruits have matured darker than those of some other growers.  Flavor is as expected, rich and sweet.
Col De Dame Noir Senyora's Black Collar
Col de Dame Noir The black version of this French series of Col de Dame varieties.  Flavor is rich and sweet, as expected.  A friend of ours has an older tree from the same original source and his tree produces larger fruits than ours.
Coll de Dama Blanca-Negra  Spanish variety that is new and has grown well for us and produced one black fig late in the season that was pretty good considering the weather at the time.  This is an unusual variety in that it produces white and black figs on the same tree with the black fruits typically being larger.
Coll de Dama Gegantina (MP) Coll De Dama Gegantina is another Spanish fig and we harvested one fruit from our new tree in 2015.  It was discovered a day or two past when it should have been picked but fruit was still sweet and had a good to very good flavor.
Coll de Dama Rimada (MP) Another Spanish CdD type, this one variegated.  Some of our fruits were of larger than expected size, still with sweet and rich flavor typical for the CdD types.
Coll de Dama Roja (MP) Another Spanich CdD type, usually with red skin.  The fruit we photographed in 2015 ripened with green skin with only a slight blush but fruit from 2014 was red.  Another good tasting CdD fig.
Collar Of Signura  Collar Of Lady
Conadria Adriatic Hybrid,Verdone, Verdone Hybrid, Red Conadria, Contessina
Conadria Dfic 005 Adriatic Hybrid, Verdone, Verdone Hybrid, Red Conadria, Contessina
Conant Celeste
Contessina Conadria
Cordelia Gillette
Corfu Speros
Crete Kronos
Croisic Cordelia, St. John, Gillette
Cuore Bordeaux 
Cyprus This unknown fig was introduced to the U.S. from Cyprus from another fig collector and shared with us to trial.  It has produced medium-sized fruit that are sweet with a flavor quality ranging from good to very good.  Our tree is still relatively small so we expect quality to improve.
Dall Osso
Dalmatian Brunswick
Dalmatie Vasilika Sika = Stella = Dalmatie = Staten Island Bomb,   San Pietro, Du Japon, Blanche, White Navello
Danny's Delight
Dark Portuguese
Dark Portuguese This fig of Portuguese origin was discovered and introduced to the fig growing community by Trees of Joy.  Fruits of this selection are small but sweet with a fairly rich flavor.  Leaves are thick and rigid.
Dark Syrian This fig of Syrian origin was introduced by Trees of Joy.  Fruits were quite large and sweet with very good flavor of moderate intensity.
Dauphine Roll From Gold, Big Of July, New Violet, Gold Drop, Gray Of Tarascon, White Of Argenteuil, Granthams Royal
De la Gloria (MP) A fig of Spanish origin.  Our tree bore fruit at a young age which was sweet with a good flavor, though it appeared different than the photo from our source
De la Plata (MP) This Spanish fig was acquired from another collector considered to be a very reliable source but the complete identification of this fig is a little uncertain.  Mr. Pons shows two different versions of this variety and our fruit from 2014 appeared different than either (click on photo link for details).  I don't recall if this tree fruited for us in 2015.
De la Reina (MP) This tree has grown very well for us but was slow to fruit for us for some reason.  We finally picked one fruit in 2015 and the flavor was very good.  Despite pruning to offer cuttings this year, we hope it will produce larger and more figs in 2016.
De La Roca
De la Roca (MP) Our fruit from 2015 was smaller than typical for this variety but still of very good quality
De L'archipel Archipel, Blanche, Italian Honey, Lattarula, Lemon, Neveralla, Osborne's Prolific, White Marseilles
Deanna Dean, orphan, UCR 278-128
Dels Ermitans
Dels Ermitans (MP) This Spanish variety has probably been the most precocious (early to fruit) variety we've grown so far.  It continuously set fruits when even a tiny tree and we kept removing the fruits so that the tree would focus energy on growth.  I finally gave up and left the fruits and discovered one ripe fig a day or two past prime.  The fruit was sweet and still had very good flavor.
Desert King King, Charlie
DFIC0023 Palmata Hybrid This is an unusual variety, a palmata hybrid from the USDA collection designated as DFIC0023. I believe it is somewhat cold sensitive and it died to the ground here in USDA zone 9b two winters ago (2013-2014) when we had about 45 nights with frost. No damage this past winter. Leaves are fuzzy with red petioles. These fruits tasted great and reminded me very much of very ripe strawberries. Some people have reported the variety to drop figs and it may require or benefit from caprification.  I believe that some people have had this variety fruit for them without wasps being present, however.
Diredo Di Redo
Dominick Dominick is a fig discovered by my friend Jim Cooper who named it in memory of a long-time friend who grew this fig for many years. The fig is small but very flavorful. Nice fig.
Doree Goutte D'or
Dottato This Italian variety has been grown in California for over 100 years although Kadota, which is reportedly a mutation of Dottato, is more commonly found.  Fruits of our tree are medium to large in size, sweet in flavor, and good taste.
Drap D'or Royal Vineyard 
Eastern Brown Turkey Brown Turkey, Everbearing,Texas Everbearing, English Brown Turkey
Emalyn's Purple This variety is a seedling selection discovered by a friend of mine here in California who named it after his wife.  Fruits are medium in size with outstanding flavor and with a nice balance of acidity.  At a gathering of fig enthusiasts in northern California these fruits received high praise.
Encanto Brown Turkey Encanto Honey
Encanto Red Bmad005 
Enderud Ucr 228-20
English Brown Turkey Brown Turkey , Eastern Brown Turkey 
Enrico This fig was shared with us by another fig collector who reported great things about this fig.  Our first fruit in 2015 was sweet with a good flavor. Fruit size and flavor will likely be greater when the tree is older.
Erbeyli Calimyrna
Eseli Khurtmani, Mwsazi
Everbearing Italian, Texas Everbearing, See Eastern Brown Turkey,Brown Turkey
Excel Kadota Hybrid, Dottato Hybri, jurupa
Excel Productive variety producing medium to large sized fruit which are sweet and mild in flavor.
Faja da Ovelha This Portuguese fig was introduced by another fig collector who immigrated from Portugal many years ago.  Our first fruits in 2015 were smaller than photos we've seen of fruit from mature trees but taste was still sweet and moderately flavorful.
Fall Gold Alma
Falls Gold Productive tree that produces medium sized fruit that are sweet with a very good flavor
Fannick's Blue Giant Blue Giant
Fico Nera (1) Corragio
Fico Nera (2) Mountain Fig
Fico Nera Duemane Mountain Fig
Fico Pesco d'Oro Fico Pesco d'Oro is an introduction from Encanto Farms. It's a seedling selection from uncertain parents. It's been described as having a peach flavor and I've noticed that in some fruits.  This is a fairly productive variety of medium-sized fruits of good sweetness and nice flavor. Skin seems tough enough to allow for good handling so it may also be rain resistant.
Figo Branco Portuguese fig introduced by immigrants from Madeira, Portugal more than 50 years ago.  Our fruit in 2015 was medium sized, sweet, and good flavor.  Eye was closed.
Figo Preto Long Black Madeira
Figo Preto We have two trees of this variety and had three Black Madeira and see no difference between them on our farm.  Some hobbyists report that Figo Preto is earlier than Black Madeira but I believe that this is very likely just because of individual tree characteristics.  On the island of Madeira there is no fig called Black Madeira and a friend of ours from Madeira and from mainland Portugal are certain that Figo Preto and Black Madeira are the same.  In addition, our friend from mainland Portugal is sure that both are the same fig as a fig also known in Portugal as Violeta.
Figo Sofeno Escuro This Portuguese fig is new for us and our first fruits this year were sweet and a nice flavor, something that I might describe as "buttery".  Larger fruits are likely as tree gets larger.
Fiorone di Ruvo
Flanders Verdone Hybrid,Adriatic Hybrid
Florea Dauphine
Florentine Italian Honey
Franciscan Mission
Franciscana Mission
Galbun Gulbun, Jewel, Malcolm's Super Giant
Galicia Negra This fig is an unknown fig discovered in the Galicia region of Spain and introduced by Trees of Joy, our source for this variety.  We began growing this variety in 2013 and our first fruit in 2014 was eaten by eager birds!  Fortunately, we had many delicious fruits in 2015 and it was probably the most favorite fig I took to a gathering of fig enthusiasts in northern California in August 2015.  The fruits are medium in size with a thick pulp consistency and rich flavor and only slightly sweet.
Garnsey White Seedless Our first fruit of this variety was picked in 2015.  The fruit was medium in size and very sweet with a pleasant mild flavor.
Genoa White Genoa, Genoa White, White Naples
Genovese Nero We acquired this variety from a friend who has been growing it for many years and it grew extremely well for us in the first year and produced excellent figs.  This fig remains quite rare and the others who have tried the fruit all report it to be an excellent fig.  The fruit was sweet, moderate richness, good size, nice jammy texture, reminding me somewhat of a large version of Black Madeira.  We are presently rooting several cuttings of this variety and will probably plant more on our farm and sell some to eBay.
Genovese Nero Robs This fig is well known for some controversy due to what appears to be a mix-up somewhere along the line before we received this fig.  This version is a very productive fig with fruits of very large size, some over 150 grams.  Taste is usually pretty good for us.
Genes Vashon


Croisic, Cordelia, St. John
Gino Black Dark portuguese, SALS EL, MVSB?
Gino Black Small to medium fig that is sweet and with a good flavor.
GM 125 This is another fig from Malta introduced by another collector. We picked our first fruits in 2015 and they were sweet and juicy and had a nice flavor. Although flavor was not intense, it was quite good.
GM 139 Another fig from Malta introduced by another collector. We picked our first fruits in 2015 and they were sweet and had a nice flavor.
GM 141 Another fig which originated from Malta and shared by another collector. We picked our first fruits in 2015 and they were sweet and had a good mild flavor.
GM 149a Another fig originating from Malta. Fruits are medium to large in size, sweet, very good flavor.
GM 171 (Gludi) Another fig from Malta introduced by another collector the first fruit from our tree was picked in 2015. The fruit was sweet and juicy with a mild flavor. Our tree is small and we expect fruits to be much larger in 2016.
GM 172 Another fig from Malta and the first fruit was ripe when we returned from vacation but a few days later another fruit was picked that was considered to be very good.  It was very sweet with very good flavor and jammy texture.  Will probably evaluate further in 2016 before discussing a better name with the collector who introduced this fig.
GM 20 This is a fig from Malta introduced by another collector. Our first fruit was picked in 2015 and it was sweet with a mild flavor but was probably picked a day or two early.
Gm-1 Malta Purple Red
Gm-22 Cawla
Gm-24 Jo's Fig
Gm-4 Ta Cenc
Gm-5 Maltese Falcon
Gm-9 Oakland White
Gm-99 Danish White Delight
Golden Celeste Lsu Golden Celeste 
Golden Riverside Ucr 278-128 or GE Neri GE Nero
Golden Riverside This variety was developed as part of the former breeding program at UC Riverside.  The fruits often exceed 100 grams and are very sweet with a mild flavor.
Gonsalves No. 1 Figo Gonsalves No. 1 
Gonsalves No. 2 Figo Gonsalves No. 2
Gonsalves No. 3 Figo Gonsalves No. 3
Goutte D'or Doree
Granthams Royal Dauphin, grantham's Royal, Adam
Gray Midsummer's Day Cordeliere, Cotignane, Testicle Of The Pope, Gray Coucourelle, Gray Coucourcelle, Grisette
Gray Of Marseilles Marseillaise
Green Ischia Ischia Green, Coeur, Verdale, Verte, Figue D'espagne, New Green, Green, C'ur
Green Panachee Reverse 
Grey Of Midsummer Day Cotignane, Cotignan, Observantine, Celestine, Grisette, Fig Flower
Grey Of Saint Jean Blue Celeste, Cacpoutchin, Celeste,  Celestial, Celestine, Conant, Cordeliere, Cotignan,Cotignane, Coucourcelle, Coucourcelle Grey, Fleur Fig, Gray Gross, Grisette, Gray Of Midsummer's Day, Honey Fig, Madeleine Gray, Malted, Observantine, St. Jean, Savantine, Grise, Sugar Fig 
Grise de Saint Jean This French variety grows somewhat slowly, apparently due to Fig Mosaic Virus, but produces fruits with very good flavor which are somewhat small in size.
Gros Monstreuse di Lipari      Reported to be an Italian variety which has been grown in California by fig collectors and USDA for several years though a grower in Sicily reported in 2015 that it is mislabeled.  Fruits he provided are much larger.  Regardless, this has been a popular fig as it's productive and fruits are sweet and very flavorful.
Grosse Blanches De Marseilles Grosse Monstreuse De Lipari
Grosse Verte Adriatic
Gulbun Galbun, 
Hardy Chicago Chicago
Hardy Prolific Osborne's Prolific, Neveralla 
Hative D'argenteuil Native De Argentueil
Hirschstetten German variety, San Pedro type.  If pollinated, produce abundant crop of large fruits of good quality.
Hirta Hirta Of Japan, Pastiliere
Honey "Barada" Barada
Honey Delight Uncle Corky's
Hunt Hunts
Igo (Prusch Park version) This fig was discovered by a collector many years ago near a small town in northern California by the name of Igo.  Our fig originated from Prusch Park where this collector donated many of the varieties grown there.  Some others in the U.S. have a different fig under this name and the source of the mix-up is unknown.  In any event, the fruits of this version are small to medium with a rich flavor and distinct acidity.
Improved Celeste This fig was developed as part of the LSU breeding program, though never formally released.  We did not pick ripe fruits yet before birds.
Inchário Branco Smyrna type from Portugal with green skin and deep red or violet pulp, very flavorful and aromatic.  Our tree has not fruited yet.
Ischia  Brockett Hall, Singleton,White Ischia, Ischia White
Italian Everbearing
Italian 215 One of a series of Italian figs imported by collected Todd Kennedy from Dr. Grassi.  Dr. Grassi had lost his notes so the original names of these Italian varieties have been lost.  This particular fig produced fruit that was sweet with a good flavor.  Another friend of mine who lives in a mild climate and has a fairly large fig collection has indicated this is the only variety which produces ripe fruit for him every year.
Italian 253 See Italian 215 above for background information.  This fruited for us in 2015, producing medium-sized fruits that were sweet with a mild flavor.
Italian 258 Italian 320
Italian 358 See Italian 215 above for background information.  Our small tree produced one small fruit in 2015 which was large and sweet with a mild flavor, though it was slightly over-ripe when picked.
Italian 376 See Italian 215 above for background information.  This tree has fruited well for us, producing large fruits which are sweet with a good flavor.
Italian Honey Lattarula, , Lemon , Blanche, Italian Golden Honey
Italy (B) Pasquale Bianci, Italian
Janice Seedless Janice Seedless, kadota
Jelly Mary Lane 
Jerusalem Smyrna
Jewel Galbun 
Julie's This fig originally came from Abruzzi, Italy and named after the lady whose family introduced it to the U.S.  Our tree fruited for the first time in 2015, producing small fruits that were moderately sweet with a good flavor.
Jumbo This fig was discovered by our friend Bass at Trees of Joy in California.  It produced fruits for the first time for us in 2015 and fruits were large.  The first fruits did not seem fully ripe and I do believe we had some tasty fruits later on but apparently neglected to photograph and document them.
Jurupa (Dfic 248) Dattero, Dottato, White Kadota
Kadota White Kadota, Dottato,Florentine, Honey, Gentile, Dattero, White Endich, janice seedless banana, white tx everbearing, binella,  White pacific
Kadota Hybrid Excel, Dotatto Hybrid, Kadota Hybri
Kala Heer Ghosh
Kalamata Black This variety was acquired from Encanto Farms and has grown well for us but has not produced ripe fruit yet.  Note: Uncertain if this variety is common type or if it requires pollination.  I was informed by a friend outside of wasp territory that he grew this fig for several years and he discarded it after it always dropped figs.  It is reported to be of Greek origins with black skin and dark red pulp, thought he photo shared by Encanto Farms was not black.  We're looking forward to this one fruiting for us in 2016.
Karachi Green
Kathleens Black noir de caromb
Kesariani This fig is an unknown black fig which came from Kesariani, Greece and introduced by another fig collector back east.  The fruits are small but sweet and rich in flavor.  Rare.
Khurtmani Mwazi, Eseli, Esely
King Charlie, Desert King, White King
Lampeira Branca Portuguese variety producing a fairly large fig that's sweet with a good mild flavor. In 2015 we had the  first fruit from our young tree.
Lampeira Preta Portuguese San Pedro type producing high quality breba.
Lampiera Dfic 194 Lampiera Pi 18871
LaRadek Brown Turkey Reported to have withstood very cold temperatures in northern Europe (-27C).  The medium-sized fruits produced in 2015 were sweet with a pretty good flavor (better than expected). Our tree is small so we're hoping future fruits will be larger.
Lattarula Italian Honey, Blanche Royale, Lemon, Marseilles, Blanche,White Marseilles
Lebanese Shtawi
Lebanese Red Lebanese variety introduced by Trees of Joy (our original source) which usually produces bronze-colored breba and reddish main crop, though fruits in our climate have been different.  Our fruits were sweet with a nice flavor.
Lemon Blanche 
Lipari Marseillaise
Long Green Madeira Figo Branca

Longue Daout Melanzana Merdoscola, banana, Long August, Nordland
Longue D'aout Fig Banana, Banana, Jerusalem
Lop Injir Calimyrna 
LSU Everbearing
LSU Gold Developed in the breeding program at LSU, producing large green/yellow fruits usually with amber pulp although our caprified fruits had red pulp.
Lsu Golden Celeste Champagne
Lsu Holler Hollier
LSU Jack Lilly
LSU Orourke
LSU Purple Developed in the breeding program at LSU, medium-sized fruits with purple skins and red pulp.  Our tree is crowded by other old trees and fruits should be larger but flavor is still fairly good.
LSU Scotts Black
LSU Tiger
Lyndhurst White Lattarola
Macool Syrian fig introduced by Trees of Joy. Fruits are small but very flavorful.
Malta Purple Red GM-1 Introduced from Malta which produces very good-tasting small to medium-sized fruits.  This tree grew slowly for first two years but did very well in 2015 and was very productive. Others may want to try grafting it onto a vigorous rootstock to try to get earlier production.
Maltese Beauty GM-155
Maltese Falcon GM-5
Maltese Falcon (GM 1) Popular variety introduced from Malta and first one named by the collector who introduced them.  Our tree is still small but produced a small black fruit with red pulp that was sweet and with good flavor.  Should perform better in 2016 when tree is larger.
Manresa (MP) Spanish variety that is new for us and has grown well but has not fruited yet.  This variety is described as having black skin and red pulp, being tasty and not too sweet.
Marabout C. Smyrna Smyrna type fig that is very productive, large good-tasting fruit
Maroc Noir Variety introduced from France but originally from Morroco.  Very vigorous variety, productive, medium to large fruits of good sweetness and flavor.
Marseilles Black VS Productive variety with small to medium sized fruit that is sweet, fairly rich in flavor, and known for being cold hardy.
Marseilles vs Black Salem Dark, macool
Martinenca Rimada (MP) Spanish variety introduced by other collectors. Unlike some of the other striped (rimada) type varieties, this one darkens as it ripens. We had this tree in planted in a different location in 2014 and then dug it back up after deciding that spot was not very good. We then put it back in a pot finally planted it in the main orchard this spring. We had a few fruits last year that were larger and tasted very good but can't locate the photo of a harvested fruit. The only fruit picked in 2015 was fairly small but flavor was still pretty good.
Mary Lane Seedless
Maryland Berry This is a fig that was purchased in NE USA in a big box store where it was labeled as Brown Turkey. It was apparent that this was incorrect and it was given the name of Maryland Berry because of its origin and berry-like flavor. The fruit size is small but they are very sweet and flavorful.
Mega Celeste Fig that was renamed after another fig collector purchased it as another variety, obviously mis-labeled. I've heard that these fruits spoil in some humid climates. These fruits were sweet and were pretty good tasting.
Mel do Algarve This Portuguese variety is new for us and has grown well but has not produced ripe fruits yet.  It is descriped as being similar to Pingo de Mel but larger.  The green fruits are sweet and juicy with the eye sealed with a drop of honey.  Rare
Melanzana Italian variety with large to very large fruits, very sweet, mild flavor. Very productive tree for us.
Morocco Alter 23 Another fig from a French collection. It is a productve variety producing medium to large fruits of good flavor, though they typically have a cavity in them.
Napolitana This Italian variety was obtained from another collector and the medium sized fruits had good sweetness and flavor.
Naragansett (4343) This unknown fig was discovered by another collector on a street of this address in San Diego, California. Our first fruit from our tree was picked in 2015 and it was a pleasant surprise with good sweetness and flavor.
Natalino Pasquale
Nebian Adriatic
Negra d'Agde This fig was discovered in the village of Agde, France by a French collector. I received it from another collector in California who has reported it to be a good producer of figs with very good flavor but some have reported that it has been slow to fruit for them. We harvested our first fruit (see linked photo) after planting the tree in our orchard in the spring of the same year.  The fruit was sweet and flavorful.  Size is expected to increase as the tree ages.
Negro D'espayne Black Spanish
Negro Largo Brown Turkey
Negronne Valle Negra, VDB,Nero 600,Vallecalda, Bordeaux, Beer's Black,Negronne, Petite Figue, Malone? 
Nero Barnisotte, Brogiotto Noire, Brogiotto Nero, Ischia Black, Scavello
Nero Caesar Nero Cesar
Neveralla Archipel, Osborn, Osborne's Prolific
Niagara Black Melanzana Merdascola is supposed to be the same as Niagara Black, Northland/Nordland, Slocan, and Longue d'Aout.
Noir de Barbentane French fig with a good reputation.  Our tree is still small and produced one fruit in 2015 which was still pretty good despite being picked early.  See linked photo for details.
Noir de Caromb This French variety has grown well for us but has been slow to fruit, maybe because of excessive pruning.  We finally picked our first fruit in 2015 and it had a goof balance of sweetness and flavor.
Noire De Caromb Douqueira Negra, Perroquine, Black Of Caromb, kathleens black
Noral Tardia (Late) Espana No. 7
Nordland Northland Bergfeige
Oeil De Perdrix Oeil De Perdrieux
Olympian Fig Olympian is a fig discovered in Washington state and said to ripen well in cool climates. Fruits are small with sweet and mild flavor.
Oregon Prolific Marseilles 
Oregon Rutara Peter's Honey
Osborn Prolific Osborne's Prolific,Neveralla, Archipel, Hardy Prolific, Osborn, Rust, Osborne
Palmata Hybrid Hybrid Dfic0023
Panachee Panache, Striped Tiger, Tiger, Variegato, Jaspee Limone, Marbled Limone, Plume, bordissot Panachee
Panachee Reverted Reverse
Pananas Purple Purple fig of medium size, nice flavor
Panevino White This fig is known as both Panevino White (name first assigned by Trees of Joy which introduced the fig) and Pane E Vino White (note that name on linked photo has typo).  There are two versions of Panevino, a black and a white one, each discovered by Bass at Trees of Joy at a now defunct restaurant in Pennsylvania. The trees there were grown unprotected so this is considered to be a cold hardy selection.  We picked our first fruit in 2015 and it was sweet with a pleasant mild flavor.
Paradiso Our tree is still fairly small but we had our first fruit in 2015.  The fruit was medium in size, very sweet and juicky, with a nice flavor of moderate intensity.
Paradiso Bronze Our tree is still fairly small but we had our first fruit in 2015.  Unfortunately, other than details described in the linked photo, I've lost notes on fig obervations.
Paratjal Rimada This is a tree that was new for us in 2015 but it grew fairly well and produced fruit for us in 2015.  Unfortunately, we've lost the photo of that ripe fruit (linked photo was from before being ripe) and don't recall the details at this time.
Parsotta Gm-4
Pasquale Natalino, Vernino, Pasquale Verino
Pasquale Vernino Pasquale Verino (?)
Pastiliere Red Of Bordeaux, Pastellere, Hirta, Hirta Du Japon
Peace Fig Nixon Fig
Peau Dure Peldure
Pellejo De Toro Pellejo De Torera
Pernette Noir This fig was in a French collection before being introduced to the U.S.  Fruits are small to medium in size, with a good "figgy" flavor but a thick/dry texture.
Peter's Honey Italian Honey
Peterson Prolific Peterson Prolific appears to be very productive. Unfortunately, our one ripe fruit in 2015 was over-ripe and spoiled before I discovered it (see photo). Fruits medium in size, green skin, red pulp.
Petite Negri Petit Nigra, Petit Negri
Pingo De Mel Croisic, Cordelia, Gillette, St. John
Planera (MP) Planera is a Spanish variety which produced ripe fruit for the first time for us in 2015.  The book by Mr. Pons shows this fruit having darker pulp than ours but the "sweet and juicy" disicription was fitting.  Our fruit, however, was larger than the 38 grams mentioned in the book.
Ponte Tresa
Preston Prolific
Princesa (MP) Princesa produced large figs with sweet and mild flavor for us in 2015. It's reportedly a favorite variety of Mr. Pons in Spain.
Purple Genoa Black Genoa, Black Spanish
Qalaat Al Madiq (Syrian)
Qudassiyah (syrian)
Raspberry Latte This is a vigorous variety introduced by Encanto Farms where it was discovered as a seedling.  Our tree has not fruited yet but Encanto Farms describes it as producing very large fruits with a very dark purple skin and red pulp.
Reculver Franciscan, Mission, Gourand Noir 
Red Gold Ba-1
Red Israel Variety from Israel.  Said to be also known as Khurtmani but recent reports indicate pulp is too dark to be that variety.  Skin in some climates is more red than ours.  Productive and large fruits of good quality.
Red Lebanese
Red Of Bordeaux Bordeaux, Beer's Black,Hirta, Negronne, Pastelliere,Pastiliere, Small Violet, Foot Of Ox, Early Pastellier, Violet Of Bordeaux
Red Sicilian Our tree is still fairly small but we harvested one fruit in late October 2015 which was good, being moderately rich and sweet in flavor.
Reverse Panache Reverted
Rojeta Rojete
Roll From Gold Dauphine, Big Of July
Ronde De Bordeaux Early Round Of Bordeaux,Black Of Bordeaux, ronde de bordeaux, pastiliere, Hirta du Japon
Royal Vineyard Royale Vineyard, Drap D'or, Gold Cloth
Rust Osborne's Prolific
Saint Anthony St. Antony's
Saint Jean Grise De Saint Jean, Grosse Grise
Saint John Gillette 
Saint Rita Italian fig introduced by a collector from Michigan.  It originally comes from a town in Italy called Cascia and was named after a saint from that village.  Our tree is still small and has not produced ripe fruit yet.  Fruit is described as small to medium dark purple fig with outstanding berry flavor.
Salce An Italian variety with green/brown skin and light red pulp.  Fruits are small to medium in size and have a sweet and pleasant mild flavor.
Salem Honey Fig introduced/named by Trees of Joy.  Fruits have light green or yellow skin and light red pulp, are medium in size, and sweet with good flavor.  Believed to originally have come from Italy.
Salems Dark
Sals Corleone Sals corleone/Aldo / Palermo /Sicilian red/Gypsy
Sals EL Vincenso, Enrico, Chi Hardy, dark portuguese abruzzi
San Javier Baja Vern 
San Miro Piro Little is know of this variety.  We believe it to be misspelled and it's true Italian is unknown.  Our tree was acquired by a collector who had it in a pot for over 10 years and he reported that it produced very good quality breba.  We only had main crop fruits in 2015 after finally getting it planted in the ground.
San Pedro California Brown Turkey 
San Piero Thompson, Negro Largo, Black Douro, Black Portugal, See California Brown Turkey 
San Pietro Dalmatie
San Vincenzo Originally from Italy. The tree seems to be slow to fruit for me. We picked one fruit in 2015 which was small but better tasting than I expected based on appearance. Fruit was sweet with pleasant flavor, though fairly mild.
Santa Crus Light Santa Crus White
Santa Cruz Dark Giant Amber
Santa Cruz White Santa Crus Light
Sari Lop calimyrna / erbeyli / lop injir
Schar Israel Shar Israel
Schar Italian Shah Italian (?)
Seedless Mary Lane 
Shtawi Lebanese Bs
Shtawi A very late season variety usually harvested in early winter.  Sets lots of fruits and thinning of fruit might help ripen remaining fruits earlier.  Suggested for long season climates only.
Sicilian Sicilian Black, Verna Grosso
Sierra Variety introduced by UC Davis breeding program as a common type fig to potentially replace the Calimyrna fig.  Useful for fresh as well as drying.  Very vigorous tree with growth of 10 feet or so in our climate.
Singleton Ischia 
Skoura Vavatsika Greek variety that was new for us in 2015.  Vigorous grower with nice fruits but should be better in 2016.
Smyrna Calimyrna, Sanlop, Sarilop, Banana, Long Of August
Socorro Black Fig discovered by a friend in Socorro, New Mexico.  For some reason the leaves on our tree did not appear correct in 2014 but now that the tree is mature the leaves were normal.  Fruits in 2014 and 2015 were of very high quality and tree is very productive.
Solli's Black Of Sollies, Sollies Violet
Souadi Souadi is a Lebanese fig introduced by Trees of Joy. These are the first fruits from our tree. Size is fairly small and fruits are sweet, pleasant mild flavor.
Strawberry 04b Blueberry Hill
Striped Bourjassotte Carbasette, Striped Zucchini, Figua Turca, Maravella, Mixed
Striped Tiger Panachee 
Sucrete There is some confusion over this variety.  This version of Sucrette has been shared among fig collectors from some time but another (true?) version from Baud in France produces fruit that are not so dark green and pulp not so dark red.  Fruits are sweet and very rich in flavor.
Sultana Gross Of July, Sultane (?), Big Of July, Bellone
Sultane Our tree is young and so far has produced small fruits with dark skin and red pulp with a good flavor.
Syrian #2 Syrian #2 is a fig introduced by Trees of Joy. We had one fruit from our young tree in 2015 which had green skin but it is typically yellow elsewhere. This fruit was sweet with a nice mild flavor.
Syrian Honey Syrian type honey fig with interesting leaf shape.  Our tree has grown well but did not produce fruit yet.  Introduced by Trees of Joy which is our source for our tree.
Syrian Long
T-30-E Kac-11-30e
Ta Cenc Gm-4
Takoma Violet
Takoma Violette Small fig with black skin and dark pulp with very good flavor and sweetness.
Tashkent Squatty yellow fig from Uzbekistan.  Our tree hasn't produced mature fruits yet but has grown well.
Tauro This Italian variety is new for us and has grown well but has not fruited yet.  It is reported to produce sweet fruits which sometime attain very large size.  Rare.
Tena Tina, Teem, Col Di Signora Blanca
Tennessee Mountain Celeste
Texas Blue Giant
Texas Everbearing Everbearing
Texas Everbearing White
Thompson's Improved Brown Turkey California Brown Turkey
Tiger Lsu Tiger, Panachee
Tres Num Prato (Tres Ao Prato) Name meaning "3 to the plate". This is a variety introduced by another fig collector friend. We found some over-ripe fruits on our tree last week and these are the first we've picked from this young tree. These fruits were quite sweet with a mild pleasant flavor. I expect fruit size to increase as the tree becomes established.
TV3 TV3 is a Portuguese fig with reports of high quality fruit. This is the first fruit from our small tree. Fruit was small but sweet and pretty good flavor.  Look forward to larger and higher quality fruits next year.
Txba-1 Ba-1
UCR 184-15 This variety was developed at UCR Riverside and never formally named but given the nickname of "Strawberry Teardrop" by Jon at Encanto Farms.  This is a very productive variety which produces very large green figs with a red pulp.  Fruits are sweet with a very nice flavor.
UCR 187-25 UCR 187-25 is another fig resulting from the former breeding program at UC Riverside which focused on creating a replacement for the Calimyrna with a common type fig. This fig is large green or yellow fig with red pulp. Most figs usually have more pulp than this sample. Our fruits produced later in the season in 2015 were very good. Fruits tasted from the mother tree at USDA's repository near Davis are of very high quality and our tree should produce consistently high-quality fruits in 2016 now that is older.
Ucr 278-128 Golden Riverside
Uncle Corky's Honey Delight
Unk. Dark Greek Navid's Unkown Dark Greek is a small fig with good sweetness and very good flavor. It appears fruit might be able to dry on the tree without spoilage.
Unk. Pastiliere Smyrna type? May require wasp though one grower obtained fruits but believed wasps were not present in her area.  This fig was acquired from Encanto Farms from someone who did not know the variety and it was initially believed to be Pastiliere but later determined not to be, thus given this name.  Our tree has grown well and fruited in its second year producing a good crop of small fruits with a very rich flavor and adequate sweetness.
Unk. White Italian This fig is of medium size, juicy, sweet, and nice mild flavor.
Valle Negra Valle Negra is productive, medium-sized fig with rich flavor. Fruit reach fairly large size on branches with less fruit.  One of the earlier main crop figs for us.  Reported to be cold-hardy, coming from a cold region in Italy.
Variegato Panachee
Vashon Violet Brunswick
Vasilika Sika Vasilika Sika = Stella = Dalmatie = Staten Island Bomb
Verdal Comun Murciana Espana No. 6
Verdal De Valence Verdal De Valencesses
Verdal Longue Verdal
Verdale Green Ischia, Large Verdale, Verdal d'oriola, Grosse Verte, Nebian, Adriatic, White Adriatic, Fico di Fragola, Strawberry
Verdone Adriatic, [adriatic /gross verte / chico / strawberry / nebian / white adriatic], flanders
Verdone Hybrid Conadria , Flanders
Vernea Vernea (believed to also be called Vernea Nera) is an Italian variety that has grown well but has been slow to fruit. 2015 was its third growing season and we finally picked our first fig from our tree. The fruit was small but sweet and it was fairly rich in taste with a very good flavor.
Vernino Pasquale ,Hilgardia, Vol. 23, No. 11, 1955, P. 475, By Condit: Pasquale, Camaldolese, Tre Volte L'anno, Arneo Nero, Natalino Nero, Allison, Verneo Nero, Della Cava
Verns brown turkey Osborne?
Verte Green Ischia, Ischia Green, New Verteischia Gree, Verdae, Coeur, Figue D'espagne, calvert, strawberry Verte
Victoria (MP) Victoria is another Spanish variety in our collection. It has been a vigorous grower and precocious with two fruits picked in 2015, the same year we rooted our tree. The fruit was sweet with very good flavor and should be even better as the tree matures.
Vincenzo Enrico, Could it be Sale EL?
Violet De Argenteuil Violette D'argenteuil, Adam, Boulle D'or, Button Of Gold,Dauphine, Gray Of Beaucaire,Gray Of Tarascon, Gross Of July, Large Violet, Mussega Negra, Round Hasty, Red Violet Of Angenteuil, Dauphine Red, Violet 
Violet Of Sollies Negro Largo, Black Of Bourjassotte, Sollies,Barnisotte, Bourdissot, Negro Largo
Violet Patlican Obtained from Encanto Farms, this is supposedly the Patlican variety from Turkey.  Our tree is small and has not fruited yet.
Violette Elegant Violette Black, Violette De Bordeaux,Negronne
Violette Dauphine Grosse Violet, Rouge De Argenteuil, Boulle D'or
Violette de Bordeaux Violette de Bordeaux is a consistent producer of medium-sized figs with good sweetness and excellent flavor. Not a rare variety but one that deserves a spot in any fig collection.
Violette Soleis Black fruit with dark red pulp.  Our tree is small and produced a fruit in 2015 but was over-ripe upon our return from a vacation.
Violetta ??
Vista Vista Black Mission?
Vo5 Ballard's
Vutata Italian variety with small fruits, sweet, fairly good flavor. Our first fruits of this variety were picked in 2015.
Weeping Black
Well Sweep
White & White Madeira This variety was introduced by an older immigrant from Madeira and fruited for us for the first time in 2015.  The fruit was small but very sweet and had a nice mild flavor.
White Adiatic Productive large fig that's sweet with moderately rich flavor.
White Aubique Aubique Blanches (?)
White Bourgassotte White Bourjassotte, Bourjassotte White
White Genoa
White Ischia  Ischia White, Ischia, Yellow Ischia
White Marseilles White Naples, Figue Blanche , Lemon, Marseilles, Lattarula, Oregon Prolific , Italian Honey, Oregon Prolific
White Of Argenteuil Argentina, White, White Of Versailles, White Hasty, Large White, Lemon, Madeline, Royal, Green Of Argenteuil, White Russian 
White Quasse Blanche
White Triana Green fig with medium red pulp.  Our tree is small still and has not fruited yet.
Yellow Ischia White Ischia
Yellow Long Neck This fig that was developed as part of the UC Riverside fig breeding program. This fig was acquired from a friend who said the late George Emerich collected this from UCR just prior to the collection being removed. These figs are consistently among our largest. Flavor is sweet and mild. The tree is a vigorous grower and productive.
Zidi Smyrna type from Tunisia.  Very productive tree with fruits of very high quality.
Zingarella Sals Corleone, Aldo, Palermo Red, Sicilian Red, Gypsy, 

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